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Aloe Vera & Vit. E Cream
All Purpose Cream. 100 gm,meets all the daily needs of your skin, making it healthy and glowing.Fort..
90 INR
Ex Tax: 90 INR
Henna Shikakai Shampoo
For Oily to Normal Hair - Silky, Smooth & Conditioned Hair. It makes your hair silky, smooth &am..
110 INR
Ex Tax: 110 INR
Sudanta Tooth Paste
Holistic Dental Care - Non Flouride, 100% Vegetarian. Smile confidently with Sri Sri Ayurveda's S..
56 INR
Ex Tax: 56 INR
Dawn To Dusk Fortifying Cream
60gm Pack. Skin Care Fortified with Rose & Cucumber. Dawn-To-Dusk Fortifying Cream is a herba..
60 INR
Ex Tax: 60 INR
Crack Cream
25gm Pack. Foot Care. We are on our feet all day, they work hard and they form an essential par..
35 INR
Ex Tax: 35 INR
Replenishing Foot Cream
60gm Pack.Foot Care with Neem & Mint.Sri Sri Ayurveda Replenishing Foot Cream moisturises, nouri..
60 INR
Ex Tax: 60 INR
Heal Cream
25gm Pack. All Purpose Cream. Heal Cream that addresses all skin conditions or ailments. Heal C..
40 INR
Ex Tax: 40 INR
Cleansing Milk
100ml Pack. Enriched with Lemon & Turmeric. Cleansing milk is a gentle, effective and detox..
70 INR
Ex Tax: 70 INR
Protein Shampoo With Soyabean And Wheat Protein
Hair Repair Treatment. 200 ml, with every application it restores the basic structure of the damaged..
130 INR
Ex Tax: 130 INR
Kesar Cream
For Fair & Glowing Skin. 100 g, quickly absorbs into your skin making it soft, smooth and full o..
100 INR
Ex Tax: 100 INR
Natural Body Butter
For Hydrated & Soft Skin.Hydrate your skin and feel engulfed in the aroma of Sri Sri Ayurveda's ..
250 INR
Ex Tax: 250 INR
Rejuvenating Night Cream
60gm Pack. Extensive Skin Care with Cucumber, Lime & Aloe Vera.Sri Sri Ayurveda Rejuvenating Nig..
52 INR
Ex Tax: 52 INR
Hydrating Conditioner
60ml Pack. Hair Care with Almond, Coconut & Bhringaraj.Sri Sri Ayurveda Hydrating Conditioner is..
50 INR
Ex Tax: 50 INR
Body Oil
100ml Pack. For Skin & Body Care. Sri Sri Ayurveda Body Oil has cooling effect to the body...
140 INR
Ex Tax: 140 INR
Extra Nourishing Moisturiser
60ml Pack. Skin Care with Rose & Almond. Sri Sri Ayurveda Extra Nourishing Moisturiser rest..
60 INR
Ex Tax: 60 INR