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Ayurvedic diet
The Ayurvedic Diet combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for health and healing with m..
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Brhadaranyaka Upanisad - Vol. 1 Madhu Kanda
The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is one of the ten major Upanishads. A dialectical narr..
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Chandogya Upanisad
Chandogya is the most intriguing of all the Upanishads. It begins with directing th..
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Ganapati Upanisad
The Upanishads represent a glorious religious-philosophical thinking that is at the..
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Jada Bharata’s Prasnavali
Prasnavali, a less-known yet important treatise, ascribed to Jadabharata, poses fif..
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Katha Upanisad
Man has always been perplexed with the ‘now’ and ‘hereafter’ of his worldly existen..
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Kena Upanisad
Kenopanishad is one of the major Upanishads containing the quintessence of the teac..
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Mundaka Upanisad
India has millennia-long tradition of spirituality and metaphysical thought. In its..
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Sanskrit-English Dictionary
The present work is a reprint of new edition of 1899 published by Clarendon Press, ..
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Saundaryalahari (The Upsurging Billow of Beauty) of Sankaracarya
The Saundaryalahari has fascinated and puzzled generations of scholars and layperso..
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Sri Daksinamurti Stotram of Sri Sankaracarya
Of the monumental literature authored by Sri Sankara, the Sri Daksinamurti Stotram,..
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Taittiriya Upanisad — With the Original Text in Sanskrit and Roman Transliteration
The Upanishads capture the quintessence of Indian spiritual wisdom — unfolding deep..
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Twelve Principal Upanisads (3 Vols. Set)
The Upanishads are perhaps one of the oldest philosophical treatises concerned with..
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Vedic Grammar
Vedic Grammar was published in 1910 in the important series Grundriss der Indo-aris..
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Manu Smriti: A Critical Study and Its Relevance in the Modern Times
Manu-Smriti is one of the most coveted and popular works of ancient India. It comprises codes that a..
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