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A History Of Sanskrit Literature
Arthur A. Macdonell's services to the study and research of Sanskrit literature are..
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Autobiography of an Absolutist
This book talks about the guruhood of Nataraja Guru, a true absolutist and a disciple of..
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Avadhoota Gita: With English Translation by Shree Purohit Swami
Avadhoota Gita is an ancient unconventional holy book respected by all monistic Vedantins in general..
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Does the Human Being Have Free Will?
Of course, he does, :Otherwise how would the mechanism of daily living operate? In fact, total free ..
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Karma and Reincarnation
The atman (soul), in the Eastern belief system, is eternal, immortal. The phenomenon of (physical) d..
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Sri Aurobindo (The Builders Of Indian Philosophy Series)
Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of integralism is unique in Indian philosophy. It is int..
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Echoes from Eternity
The Big Joke is the Sense of Doership” The book starts thus. Echoes from Eternity is rightly a rh..
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Personal Religion of Your Own
Remain relaxed in Consciousness. In any situation, do whatever you feel you sh..
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Ramesh S Balsekar was one of the most profound Spiritual Masters of this Age. ..
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Spiritual Search Step by Step
This could be easily a handbook to start your spiritual journey. The author, a follower of late Sri ..
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The Essence of the Ashtavakra Gita
Ashtavakra Says: • You are not the body which is composed of the five ele..
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The Infamous Ego
The basic concept that the authoris trying to convey isthat "all there is, is Consciousness"; all ac..
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The Meaningful Trivialities From the Source
A collection of simple yet profound realities that you will have to deal in the quest for the Ultima..
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Advaita Metaphysics: A Contemporary Perspective
This volume centres around the formulations of the Advaita theory of monism on the basis..
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Vedic Mathematics
Vedic Mathematics by N Ramamurthy is not only a sophisticated pedagogic and research tool but a..
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