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Bhagavad Gita in 365 days
Bhagavad Gita in 365 days is a brief and simplified account of the dialogue between a de..
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Principal Upanishads
Human nature is not altogether unchanging but it does remain sufficiently constant to ju..
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Understanding Vedanta
Based on the wisdom of the Upanishads, the most ancient and authoritative scriptures of ..
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A Critical Study Of Hinduism
In this book, the author has made a critical study of the externalities o..
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A Critique Of Vedanta
In the present work which is a critique of Vedanta the author has applied Dr. ..
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Classical Samkhya: A Critical Study
In this book, the author has tried to give an exhaustive and critical expositi..
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Hymns Of The Atharvaveda: Translated With A Popular Commentary, 2 Vols
In India both the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda represent the earliest age in th..
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Hymns Of The Samaveda: Translated With A Popular Commentary
Third in the order of the Vedic Samhitas or collections, the Samaveda represen..
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Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: With The Commentary Of Vyasa And The Gloss Of Vachaspati Misra
Yoga is one of the striking products of Indian mind and character. It has clai..
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Ramacharitmanasa: (Complete Works Of Goswami Tulsidas, Vol. I)
Ramacharitmanasa is the magnum opus of Tulsidas. It has the distinction of bei..
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Religions Of Ancient India
This book is based on a series of lectures the author delivered at the School ..
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Siva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening
This book, Siva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening, is revealed by the twentieth ce..
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Srimadbhagavatam: A Concise Narrative
The foremost and unique among the devotional literature of the world, Srimadbh..
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The Atharvaveda: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
Are the Vedas three or four in number? The Western scholars basing their argum..
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The Yajurveda: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
The Vedas are the foundation on which the imposing Hindu religious edifice is ..
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