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Autobiography Of A Yogi
Looking north along Swami's beach in Encinitas, showing part of the Self Realization Fel..
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Spiritualism In Day-to-Day Life
This extremely comprehensive self-help book is user-friendly, and gets right to the point in present..
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The Book On Happiness
The joy experienced in creative work alone is real happiness, and all things else you might regard a..
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The Meaning Of This Life
Ask no longer whether life as such has any worth, but rather seek what worth you can you..
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Kundalini And Self-Realization
Every human being has spiritual Energy which is asleep below the base of the spine. This..
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The Healing Power Of Yoga
This is a book about yoga, a holistic system for creating and sustaining balance and har..
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Yoga Nidra
Dr. N. C. Panda examines yoga-nidra as a scientific discipline — the theory, its psychol..
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The Book On Raja-Yoga
It would be folly to assume that evidence of the profoundest insights of a cultures most..
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Hatha Yoga For Beginners
Hatha Yoga is a marvelous means of exercising, stretching and purifying the body so as t..
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Bhakti Yoga For Beginners
Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion which unites the practitioners finally with God Almi..
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Tantra Yoga For Beginners
Raising one's sexual enjoyment to its highest power, and then using it as fuel for spiri..
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Karma Yoga For Beginners
"Karma yoga is the first of the vedic methods recommended for selfrealisation. It is the..
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Kundalini For Beginners
Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D. has studied the religions of the world and believes there is "a co..
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Jnana Yoga For Beginners
Jnana yoga is the method of finding an answer to the question 'Who am I?' It is the path..
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